ADC forum

Leadership Network

ADC forum is the extension of the World Economic Forum in Australia.

They organise a series of conferences year-round in different cities to keep leaders informed about major world trend that could affect their organisations.

They also have a very exclusive annual retreat where leaders from around the world came to share their experience.

In these conferences, I've met people that are making a difference in the world as well as very influential personalities in the economic, social and government arena.

I consider myself fortunate to listen to their discussion while I'm taking the pictures.
It's part of my job to foresee where the conversations are going and then be ready for the right expression to capture.

The learning experience is a plus that also helps me understand the world we live in.

  • Testimonial

  • The topics discussed in our programs and the high-profile of our guests require extreme professionalism from every member on our team.

    That's why we trust our most important events to Polo.

    He has proven to be an asset to our staff and has always exceeded our expectations.

    He works tirelessly for long hours (some times from 7 am to 11:00pm) without missing any of the different activities programmed during the day and across multiple rooms.

    I'm happy to recommend him for any event regardless of size and profile.

    Michael Roux