Seth Godin

Innovative Thinking

I'm proud to say that Seth Godin has been the single most important influence in my life in the past 15 years.

Everybody has someone to admire.
For some, they might be actors, musicians, models, writers, etc. But I haven't found anyone else yet with such clarity to analyse and express a concept in terms anyone can get it.

I've enrolled in almost every single Akimbo workshop he's launched. I follow his daily post and weekly podcast. There is always something new that keeps me inspired, pushes me to take the next step and gives me the confidence to show up.

More often than not, when you admire someone, you might set your expectations a bit too high. Then when you meet them, you get a bit disappointed. But with Seth… I didn't even imagine such integrity and coherence. I had the opportunity to photograph his one-day event in Sydney. A role model.

I was invited to collaborate post-producing some images for his book: "What to do when it's your turn".

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