Your conference, your success!

Images to boost your next event

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Your Peace of Mind

We've been told that one of the main concerns from event organisers regarding their photographer, is to know if they will show up, and if they will deliver.
Don't worry. We've never missed an event in over 20 years, and our photos are always great.


Reliable Team

Polo covers 97% of the events.
In the rare occasions when two clients need him simultaneously, he has build strong relationships with other professional photographers to substitute him, at the same standards.


Power of connectivity

If required, we can provide you with immediate images to feed your social media buzz- DURING the event.
This allows you to free up another member of your team and gives you top quality images to have a better impact.

Your Guests are the Stars
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People love to re-live their experiences

Yes, you brought the best speaker, and you nailed everything else.
The way people experienced it, adds a whole new layer to your success.
Fun, Insightful, Emotive...
We'll capture all these in powerful images for you to give them a reason to come back and, most importantly: to spread the news.

Relax while we capture the images that you need.
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